Practical education and support to help you make progress.

When I’ve been talking with instructors from all over the globe there are two things that everyone seems to agree on no matter what level they’re at. 

Help me become:

  • More Effective
  • More Profitable

Because you want students to get better faster and you feel like you should be paid better for the insane amount of hours your put in. 

Even if you are someone who is paid well for your time how do you LEVERAGE that to impact more students and make more money while you’re at it?

Those who are at the “top” often feel trapped with no knowledge of how to get out of the current model (or what they’d do if they could) 

Reality is there are solutions to all of these problems. 

But no one person or organization has the answers. 

That’s why we’ve talked with so many different people over the years about their stories, experiences, and strategies.

And we’ve done a pretty good job of that so far at Golf in the Life of with over 100 interviews which have been listened to over 80,000 times.

But when we come together and have a coaching group for coaches real magic happens. It's about coming together and no longer working ALONE. Get feedback and support so you have a better idea of what you should (or shouldn't) be doing.

That's why we've created an environment.

A community and group of ENTREPRENEURIAL coaches all focused on growing their businesses and helping more students.

Hope to talk with you soon!


Cordie Walker -

What People Are Saying

We are all in the coaching business to improve the performance of our students. If you are in the coaching business the GOLF IN THE LIFE OF Membership IS A MUST! Cordie does an incredible job assembling learning "experts" where we can all benefit.

My students get better with every Skype session, SoundCloud recording, informational email, and every personal discussion with Cordie.

Thank you Cordie for providing such a great forum for all of us to improve...have seen nothing like this before!

Nic Drezins

Director of Junior Golf Development, Rob Noel Golf Academy, President

Nic Drezins

What do you get?

  • All Education - Every masterclass and members piece of content you’ll have access to. We'll continue to produce more and more as we continue to grow. (you'll get to choose what we create them on)
  • Golf Science Lab courses and content
  • Regular LIVE Roundtable Discussions / Workshops - Pluss access to all recordings
  • Private Forum - We’re creating the ultimate private discussion hub for you to get your questions answered by people all pursuing the same goals.
  • Action Planning Tool
  • A community of like-minded entrepreneurial instructors
  • Weekly exclusive newsletter
  • Accountability and Coaching - Far more than just content get coaching and advice that relevant to you. Get as much or little hands on help as you'd like
  • LIMITED TIME OFFER - 30 Minute Strategic Planning Call - To make sure you're getting the right information and getting your questions answered we'll get on a planning call to figure out what you're working on, where you need answers, and help you stay accountable to make progress in your business.

What Could You Accomplish?

Listen in to this case study with Elena King (Golf in the Life of member) who created a membership program from scratch in this last year. What could you accomplish with education, support, and accountability?

"Cordie was extremely instrumental in developing and rolling out a new monthly coaching program for ExperienceGolf. His support, encouragement, and enthusiasm were very helpful as I ventured into something new and different. His objectivity and expertise assisted in the program being successful beyond expectations.

Golf in The Life Of stays up to date on what is new and current in the industry and Cordie is eager to share his knowledge. The individual and group sessions are a wealth of information, it is great to have a platform to learn and share with other industry professionals. I really enjoy the podcasts and have utilized much of the content in my own business."


Frequently Asked Questions

Talk to me about the tuition. Why these numbers?

This is a commitment for growth.

The core group should be about the price of an hour long lesson and the mastermind about the cost of a student in a coaching proram.

With the depth of education and support it's easy to realize how much sense this is going to make from an investement standpoint.

Here's another way to think about it - Do you think this education support and commitment will help you get 12 new lessons?

If you do... Join us.

How do I cancel my membership? 

You can stop access anytime by just letting us know. No long term commitments, feel free to cancel at any time.

What does this look like?

All prior education, course, and content will be available. (and we’re adding masterclasses and other live workshops as often as possible)

We have a community where you can ask questions and get feedback (as well as give your own advice to one another)

We've built out a custom site where all of this lives you can access on any device

Still have an unanswered question?

Simply shoot me an email -

or give me a call - 904-834-0438

Have a question before signing up?